Summer internship 2013

Article from July 2013

Three months situated on the very edge of Paris. 15 minutes away from Porte-Maillot, and 5 minutes away from Suresness. And 3 minutes away from the Seine. I’ve been put in one of those camper cabins, the type you stay in during vacation. Fully equipped, kitchenette with sink and stove (no oven), microwave, fridge, toilet, shower, table, and 2 small rooms each with 2 twin sized bed and they’ve got to be the smallest twin size beds I’ve ever seen.

My walk to work consists of nothing more than a walk through a campground. Five minutes later I’m at the reception desk, making reservations, selling tickets, and helping clients understand what is going on all around them. Seeing as I’m a fast learner it took me less than a few hours to learn the basics, and by the end of my first day I was already showing someone else how to work the computer software for selling tickets. I think I’ll do just fine here.


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