Article from Sep. 2010

Ahhh castles are meant for fairy tales right? WRONG! well right, but believe it or not you can find them in real life! does that make life a fairytale? well it is for me right now, because i got to see a castle :]

Not to far from Beaune there is a castle, it is call ‘le rochepot’ (google it if you would like). Do for a nice monday afternoon (because there has been no school) we picknicked on a hill looking down upon the castle and after we got to go down and TOUCH the castle! It was great, i mean to actually touch and see something that has been there for such a long time! We didn’t get to go inside because it was Nov.1 and entrances to the castled closed Oct.31 (ironic eh?) but it was still super fun running up to the castle shouting ‘it’s got a mote, it’s got a mote, look i’m on a drawbridge’ (just imagine me doing that, while simutanously jumping up and down like a small child). It really excited me to just touch the stone walls and realize that life once revolved around castles like these, and they still hold so much beauty.


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