Les Alpes!!

Article from Dec. 2010

So i haven’t been writing… I know!! but my life has beeen so full lately that I don’t always have tons of time!

Anyways…. For my winter break I stayed in a chalet in the ALps!!! The chalet was very lovely, and owned by a couple who actually makes cheese, REAL FRENCH CHEESE! In case any one is wonderiing the cheese is called Reblochon, it’s actually quite good, and is often used in a dish called tartiflette (don’t worry I plan on making this when I return :])

So in the alps we got to go hiking, see pretty things, and…drumrole…. snowboard!!! It was quite nice 😀 The way the lifts are set up here is this; at the bottom of the mountain they have an egg type thing (gondala i think its called) that takes you up to different parts of the mountain where you spend the day trying different chair lifts and tire-fesses (i’ll explain those in a bit), and at the end of the day you ski down to the bottom, or you can ski to the bottom in the middle of the day and go to another part of the mountains. A tire fesse (literally translated into ‘but pull’) is the most un-practicall thing for a snowboarder, it goes between your legs and pulls you up the hill, and trust me, you can fall on these things…i would know xD

My favorite part of the trip was when i took the highest ski lift to the highest part of the mountain. I wish i would’ve had my camera, it was the most majestic and beautiful thing i’ve probably ever witnessed, with barely any cloud cover i felt like I could see over the world, to be that high up, in one of the worlds most beautiful mountain ranges gave me a feeling of just how big the world is, how massive and uncomprehendable it’s size is, and how small we are compared to it all….


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