London 2013

Article from May 2013

The first time I came to London I left with the intentions of never returning. I felt as though it was one of those cities with a “5 minute charm”. By 5 minute charm I mean it’s a city where the first 5 minutes you feel enchanted because you’re ‘in London, NO WAY’, especially when being an American. But after countless museums, walls of people, and kilometers of walking you become sick of it all and the city no longer has its charm. However, I returned for one reason, and one reason only, to see my boyfriend.

Despite my love hate feelings towards London, I’ve had a rather nice time. My first full day here we walked 13 kilometers throughout the city, and 8 the next day, so it’s safe to say I’m rather tired out. He’s shown me a little ‘hole in the wall’ coffee shop with some of the most amazing coffee and treats on this planet (TAYLOR COFFEE), and some of those not-so-touristy areas of London, which I really liked because like my father crowds of people make me anxious.

In addition to the good however, it wouldn’t be an adventure unless I visited an emergency room while in the UK. Nothing serious, I just being the accident prone person I am, managed to get something stuck under my top eyelid and scratch the surface of my eye. Luckily it was while on a bus, and ever luckier, the next stop on the bus line was ‘eye hospital’, so a quick 15 minutes for an optometrist to remove the ‘foreign body’, and give me some eye drops and I was out of there, without paying a cent, I mean pence.

Seeing as I’ve visited London before, I was able to skip all the main touristy attractions, or at least get by with only a quick glimpse. Westminster, Trafalgar square, Big Ben, Millennium bridge, Monument, Piccadilly circus, SoHo, Buckingham palace and gardens, London Bridge, Parliament, St. Pancreas, Platform 9 ¾, and well anything between, you manage to see a lot when walking 13 kilometers in the center of town.

I do have to say however, that I was most disappointed with Platform 9 ¾, I love Harry Potter, books movies, you name it. Naturally I was so excited to go see the Platform, until I saw the line. They have literally made a business out of it. With a professional photographer taking your picture as you stand next to the trolley, and just like at Disney land they sell you your photo inside a kiosk next door, along with ‘Platform 9 ¾’ t-shirts and sweaters. I was thrown off by it all, and frankly a little disturbed.

Here are some places to check out while in London!

Place to eat: Ed’sdiner $$

Diner style food, relatively inexpensive, and delicious sweet potato fries.

Located near Soho.

Place to drink: Taylor st baristas coffee $

Located in financial district, fresh brewed coffee, inexpensive and also offers amazing carrot cake.

Place to eat: Sushi Samba $$$$

Mixture of South American and Japanese foods. Amazing dishes (yellow tail taquitos, red pepper ice cream and chocolate…etc) every dish is presented like a piece of artwork, and its more than just food, it’s an experience. Best meal of your life will take place here. Located on the top floors of the Heron building.


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