To London England I have been!

Article from April 2011

So as I’ve mentioned before here in France you get these amazing 2 week breaks every 7 weeks. Today marks the last weekend of the last week of my vacation…. Sadly…. Anyways! I had the lovely opportunity to head up to England for the beginning of my vacation! First off you should know that we drove there, which complety still blows my mind, I mean being within driving distance of England, I would have never imagined it before this year!

My first actual day in London just so happened to be the day of the London marathon… YIPEE!! But, the family (my family, but in a confusing way, and who are really awesome!)  had someone running in it, so that was actually pretty exciting, not only seeing the marathon but actually cheering someone in particular on! We would take the tubes (subways) around to try and meet him at certain points and it was just one big hectic, tiring day, with TONS OF PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!

Over the next few days I ended up taking a double decker bus tour of london, seeing pretty much every single major thing in london. If ever traveling to London I highly recommend these tours (The Original Sightseeing tours) , cheap, not to long, and you have the chance to see everything without having to get confused with all the public transport.   The thing that probably stood out to me the most was Big Ben, and Westminister abbey, so beautiful and so big!! I also enjoyed watching the changing of the guard at Buckingham palace (the name made me think of you Jay!) we ended up being really close to the gates and I got to see the men with big hats like marge simpsons hair :]

The last day I spent there I actually wandered around London all by myself, navigating the tubes, and putting my map skills to use!! The London tubes are extremley easy to learn, it took me just 2 days to feel completly comfortable getting from one side of london to the other with them. (Great transportation minus the crowds of people and hard to breath in standing area)


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