Article from July 2013

You know that feeling when you go somewhere on vacation and you stay there for too long? You’ve seen all the major sites, and done the tourist check-list. And after all that is done you can say you’ve been there, been here, done this or that. But then it’s time to go home, back to what you know, back to the city you know and feel comfortable in.

  Well I almost feel this way with Paris. I’ve seen the sites, walked through the parks, taken pictures, and done the tourist agenda. It’s enchanting, and always will be, to walk on the cobblestone or hear an accordion playing while taking a balad near the seine, but it’s a city I assume I’ll never to feel at ‘home’ in. I have spent enough time in Dijon to feel like home in it, I know the cafes, which boulangerie sells the best bread and croissants, which park to lounge in with my book, and you could drop me almost anywhere in the city and i’d know where I was. I feel like Paris is too big, and too tourist-y for me to ever have the same sentiments about it. At ‘at-home’ connection will probably never be established.

This may be because I carry out my daily life in a campground. The only reason I have to wander elsewhere is when I need something from the next town over, or if I feel like playing tourist. And your motivation for playing tourist in the same city over a long period of time starts to wear off.

Who knows, maybe the enchantment of ‘being an American in Paris’ will last for three months, or maybe i’ll start going into the city often enough to get some good bearings, but Paris is big and my wallet is on a student budget.


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