Latest discovery? Ardèche! A region a few hours south of Dijon, and not too far from Marseille. That means, for the weekend we went in the direction of the sun!

As some of you may know, the French are notorious for their numerous holidays throughout the year, which I LOVE (and will never complain about). The best month in France is May, Every weekend is a long weekend during this month, which means either extra relaxation, or a new adventure! This past weekend was Ardèche!

Ardèche is mostly know for the ‘Pont d’Arc’ near Vallon. A natural arc with a river flowing underneath of it. Absolutely beautiful.

The Ardèche flows through a canyon, with many beautiful, natural, sites to see. Anddd lots of green

Our first day, we spent the afternoon discovering the area. We ended up finding a spot on the side of the road to park and we found a small foot path. The path was almost vertical, and it lead us down into a valley where we came across a few hidden treasures.

Like this secret swimming spot….

And this very odd ‘waterfall’

Our Friday was also full of adventure, a day of kayaking down the Ardèche river / canyon. We set out at 9 a.m. and spent the whole day on the river. 24 km of kayaking, rapids and all, and we didn’t even flip over once! Teamwork! I don’t have pictures of the kayaking day trip… yet! I went old school with the photography and bought one of those waterproof disposable cameras to avoid the destruction of my telephone. So once I get those developed I will share photos 🙂

Our last day was very sluggish… 24 km of kayaking (for the inexperienced) makes you sore the next day. xD

I went old fashioned and bought a disposable camera for our trip (to avoid damages to my digital one), only to realize that, sadly, film photography is quite expensive and takes time… (the photo resolution isn’t the best because they are scanned photos)


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