Audrey got a taste of her first, real, Italian pizza! About 1km from the camp was a little pizzeria that we decided to eat at the first night.

In Italy, when you order a pizza you get a whole pizza put in front of you! So my sister and I were able to (easily) split a pizza between the two of us.

The first thing Audrey pointed our was the taste of the tomato sauce, she was taken back at how fresh it tasted. Ever since her and I were little she’s been a pizza enthusiast, so she was ecstatic!

Before our trip I did a lot of reading, to get tips and pointers for the cities we would be visiting. One thing that I didn’t read about was « coperto ». In Italy when you get the bill for a meal there is a charge at the bottom of your receipt called « coperto », meaning that you pay for each person to sit at a table. For this meal in particular it was 1,50 € a person… And after paying closer attention in the center of Venice we saw that some restaurants charged up to 4€ a person as « coperto ». From now on we are definitely going to pay closer attention!


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