Dijon with the Sis’

So Audrey and I made sure to be up early enough to enjoy the rest of our time in Dijon as much as possible ! We visited the markets in the morning. Les Halles de Dijon or (la place du marché) is where the markets are held every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday during the mornings. French markets are wonderful. You can buy almost anything. Meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, bread, candy… you name it. The best quality food comes directly from the market!

For lunch we ate at a restaurant situated at the Place du Marché, a restaurant called Chez Copains. It’s a relatively nice restaurant and Audrey, Jeremy (my boyfriend), and I all enjoyed a wonderful meal!

Despite my countless efforts… Audrey refused to try escargot.

Instead she got a big salad for lunch. And for dessert I had her try a (very French) and very delicious Profiterole! Imagine this… breaded vanilla ice cream drowned in chocolate sauce….

For my main course I had Duck with a Red Currant sauce. For the past few months I’ve been on a duck roll. I’ve had duck in cassis sauce, duck in orange sauce, duck kebab (in French we say ‘brochette’) with cream sauce, Duck breast…. But in all honesty the Duck in red currant sauce (cassis in french) is just to die for!

XX also went French and got Quenelles in a cheese sauce made out of Epoisses. If you don’t know what Epoisses is just imagine the stinkiest French cheese you can think of and volià! Quenelles on the otherhand are a typical ‘Lyon’ dish. They’re kind of soft and doughy and they can be made with a variety of different kind of sauches. They’re especially good when they’re cooked in a seafood sauce!

Later that afternoon Audrey and I arrived in Paris and made our way to our hostel. We stayed at a place called ‘Young and Happy’ located on rue Mouffetard, one of my favorite streets in Paris. Its in the 5th arrondissement and is full of restaurants! From tex mex, to sushi, and of course French food. I may have picked the hostel based on it great location for eating….. 😛

For dinner Audrey (aka my picky eater sister) wanted a burrito. Finding a place where you can eat a burrito in France is like finding a place to eat snails in Portland. Actually that’s not accurate, you can get almost anything from food vendors in Portland nowadays…. Bref, it’s difficult, and by chance  we were staying on a street that had probably one of the only Tex Mex restaurants in Paris…..

After that lucky burrito incident Audrey and I went out for a drink and both realized we were exhausted and we headed back for a quiet evening of cards at the hostel!


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