Every girl needs a good pastry

I love pastries. I love everything about them, the deliciousness, the beautiful textures, the colors…. In reality, a pastry is a form of art. People go to school just to learn how to make them!

I won’t lie, I love the occasional patisserie. When I’m having a down day, its the perfect little pick me up. It reminds me that there are little pleasures in life that can turn your whole day around. A good pastry brings a smile to your face. A good pastry reminds me of why I love France (but then again so does a good wine). A good pastry is savored. A good pastry is so beautiful that you almost don’t want to eat it, in fear of destroying a piece of art!

It doesn’t help that on my street there is a shop that specializes in (b-e-a-u-tiful) pastries.  Sometimes I cross to the other side of my street just so I don’t have to pass in front of the window and torture myself!

Pastry to the left has chocolate delicious-ness, with salted caramel… To the right, white chocolate covered in white chocolate. Pure heaven.

What makes a pastry special is that it’s not a daily thing. It’s the occasional treat, that you savor and enjoy.  So many foods have lost their ability to be savored because we’ve all become accustomed to them. When we have too much of one thing we forget how much of a treat it is to actually have it.

If you’re not hungry yet then this should help….


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