Lille and Bikes


The french and bikes, ring a bell? Well the French are much more accustomed to riding their bikes everything (much more than the Americans). Hence, in almost every French city you find bike renting stations. 

There are 100’s of stations in one city, how does it work?

So once you find a station, you go to the little ‘computer’ and you enter your telephone number, you then receive a text message with a verification code, and you get to use the code for 24 hours. Once you have a bike, you have 30 minutes on the bike that are free. Before those 30 minutes run up you need to return the bike to another station, and there you can take a new bike.  A cheap and fun way to see the city!
You pay €1,40 for 24 hours!!!
The only downside is that when you take a bike you have to give a deposit… meaning that for 24 hours, your bank account it missing €200 (in case you fail to return the bike, or its completely trashed when you do).
So the rest of our Saturday, we spent it biking around Lille and not only enjoying the nice weather but being able to see things of the city that you wouldn’t normally get to see when you take the metro!
If you ever find yourself in a French city I highly recommend renting bikes for the time you’re there!


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