Lille, France


I arrived early on the train and during the afternoon I visited le Musée de beaux arts de Lille!

I’ve seen so many museums over the past few years that everything has started to blend together.

Personally I enjoy looking at sculptures rather than paintings, but there are always a few paintings that get my attention.

I’m not an art enthusiastic, but I still appreciate some good culture.

I saw; Duval, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso….

That evening we walked around Lille, got waffles, and went out to dinner!

For dinner we went to a restaurant in town called La Chicorée , right in the center of town and with a large menu (also not too expensive!)

What I ate? –  Carbonade Flamande

What is it? – A traditional belgian, beef and onion stew, made with beer. Of course served with fries!!!

Is it Good? – YES

I’ve only been to Lille twice, but i’ve gotten Carbonade each time. So far it’s one of my favorite foods, it doesn’t beat the Boeuf Bourguignon, but it’s pretty dang close!
Oh and….


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