Due to my extensive laziness, also the butt load of work I’ve had to do over the past week, I have failed to motivate myself enough to actually blog. But here I am! Blogging, blog blog blog. Here I go,… Marseille!

So at the beginning of December I got to go to Marseille! Thanks to my awesome job, we got to take a two day seminar to the south of France, it may have not been beach perfect weather, but we still had an absolute blast!

So on the first day, we had about 3 hours in the train from Dijon to Marseille, thank goodness for high speed trains! We arrived, unpacked our bags and headed out with a tour guide to get a visit of the city and the MUCEM (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations). It was an interesting visit, what made it really intriguing was the fact that there was a tour guide leading us through the museum, which is always a nice bonus. That way you get all the interesting facts and tid bits of information.

The entire museum is actually built on the water, and the architecture is one of the first of its’ kind, very beautiful and very… different!

After visiting the museum and walking around town a bit we got to enjoy a lovely dinner… on a boat! Wine, good food, good company, it was a great evening!

Now day two is when it gets the most interesting… now what is more French than a Deux Chevaux?? Well as a team building exercise, we did a tour of the city in 2 CV! Teams of 4, driving around Marseilles in these tiny little French cars, I felt like I was in an old French film (especially when my colleagues started singing old French music!)

We got to visit more than just the center of town, but also the outskirts. In all honesty, the outskirts are 100 times more beautiful than the city itself. Sure Marseille has a beach, and is in the south, but the city is dirty and (in my opinion) not safe. The atmosphere is unwelcoming, and the city feels old, run down, and in misery… Not my favorite city, but still a site to see. What really got to me were the surrounding landscapes, which were just breath taking!


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