My Oregonian heart – getting outside again

So for me to say « I have a blog », I should probably write on my blog…

So here is to me semi-promising to write more often on my « american in france » life!

I love to travel, I love to see new things, experience new culture, see new cities, play the tourist as I call it. But recently my Oregonian heart has been aching and I’ve been needing to get outside! Not just a walk around the block kind of outside, but adventure through the woods outside kind of « outside ». Growing up in Oregon, I was surrounded by forests (even in the city!), 2 hours from the ocean, and 2 hours to the mountains. Summers would include trips to the river (not the city pool), occasional camping and I’ll never forget the hike on broken top, or on the coast! Bref, the outdoors are inevitably part of the Oregonian lifestyle!

Living in Europe, without a car, and not a great amount of spare time, my outdoor adventures have been relatively limited… Over the past few years I’ve spent my time playing tourist in big cities, and now I dream of hiking, and exploring in the woods, or laying near a lake somewhere. I’m not saying playing tourist still doesn’t sound fun and exciting, but why go on a big trip if you can’t appreciate it to its’ fullest? My brain has absorbed so much culture over the past few years that the idea of walking into another museum, isn’t the most thrilling. I just want to get lost in the forest.

So like any healthy human being, I’ve realized what has been missing and I’m fixing it!

Two weeks ago I got to discover with my boyfriend a new part of Burgundy that I had never seen! 30 minutes outside of Dijon by car (he has the car, not me), and we ended up in a tiny village named Mâlain  (c’est malin n’est pas? ^^ – that my friends, is a really bad attempt at me trying to be funny in French). Its located in a hilly area, where the grass is green, the hills roll in all directions, and of course there is a medieval fortress!

We parked the car and ventured into the woods! In all it was about a 7km hike. We chose paths at random, and just had fun. We ended up finding a big rock to climb to the top of, picnic; and get an amazing view of the surrounding area!

All in all, we got to take advantage of a beautiful day, and have a great time! Who knew Burgundy could be so beautiful!


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