Opening my eyes

I recently started to re-fall in love with Dijon. Though small it still has it’s undying charm. After living here for almost two years I’ve let the things I used to admire so much just go by unnoticed. Everything deserves to be admired, and sometimes the most beautiful things aren’t even the most noticeable.

On my way to my night job I pass the most beautiful church, the Notre Dame of Dijon. A Roman-Catholic church, aligned with gargoyles, and it is stunning from all angles. On my way to work I approach it from the back side, and always go off to the right, because situated on this side of the church is a little owl that you rub for good luck. Above the owl engraved is a Dragon, and the myth says that you must rub the owl (and make your wish) with your left hand and not look back or else the dragon will eat your wish…. Little things like these that make Dijon special…

La chouette de Dijon. It may have been worn away with time, but that just means lots of people have put their wishes here… another reason to carry your hand sanitizer!

On my way to my internship I pass the Saint Michel church, a renaissance style church and personally one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. In the mid day the sun comes down the street it’s situated on and when the sky is blue the facade is just stunning. I don’t know of any superstitions surrounding this church, but I do know that when you look at there is an inexplicable feeling that just fills your body. Realizing something this grand, and this beautiful is standing right in front of you…


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