The gelato diet

The gelato diet started before lunch that day. Audrey got a scoop of vanilla and milk chocolate and I got raspberry yogurt.

The gelato diet consists of 1 scoop of gelato, twice a day. A new flavor each scoop. You gotta try them all!


We started looking for a lunch spot around 11:30, knowing that we wanted to find some place good and not just pick the first place we see because we were hungry later on.

My reading (and experience from paris) has advised me against a few things when looking for restaurants:

-If the menu is in multiple languages it probably means its a tourist trap

– If there is a patron standing outside of the restaurant trying to get people to come in… STEER CLEAR

We ended up sitting down at a place on the waterfront. My goal was to get a seafood risotto with fresh seafood, so the first question I asked was whether or not the seafood was fresh… The waitresses pointed to the menu and said « no, all food is frozen ». We got up and started the search for a restaurant that wouldn’t be pulling food out of the freezer and serving it for 13€ a plate.

We ran into some police officers and I asked (in my very bad Italian) for a non-touristy restaurant with fresh seafood. We headed in the direction he gave us and wound up in a restaurant hidden away from the tourists and a menu that would please both Audrey and I.

Audrey got her first Italian spaghetti and I got seafood risotto (a must try in Venice). By the end of our meal we were too full to move and struggled to get up from our chairs.

We wandered around some more, with the intention of making our way to San Marcos square.


San Marcos square is stunning. We practically stumbled onto it but we immediately realized where we were standing and took a 360 to take it all in.

By this time it was late afternoon and we decided to head in the general direction of the train station so we would catch our shuttle back to the camp.

Along the way we (of course) got more gelato. Sticking true to the gelato diet, Audrey and I both tried new flavors: Chocolate hazelnut yogurt, and almond rocca. Delicious.

We took our time getting back. We got lost along the way and went in and out of many little shops, looking and appreciating it all!


Once we got bad to the campground we slid our tired bodies into the pool and relaxed until dinner time.

For dinner I went to go grab us a pizza from the pizzeria and brought it back to the camp for us to eat.

Audrey’s jet lag kicked in relatively early and so we got some much needed rest!


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