Vegas Baby

I went to Vegas! Real life Vegas! And its like no other place I’ve ever been to. First of all, Vegas 21&under means no partying… They are beyond strict when it comes to that. So it was a sober/non-gambling weekend! But hey, who needs booze to have fun?

Vegas is literally an oversized Disney land destined for adults, games, toys, and rides! Except instead of being rated G, its rated muchhhh more R than that.

The lights are bright, the music is loud, the city is alive!

So what is there to do in Vegas if you’re under 21? Well just because you can’t gamble doesn’t mean you can’t visit the casinos! Each casino is like its own little city, you’ve got Cesars Palace with its roman theme, the bellagio with its Italian elegance, the NYNY with the New York feel, the Paris hotel with, well… Its cabaret! Even without gambling, the casinos are a real site to see!

Then there are plenty of rides! The roller coaster at the NYNY, which was a blast (click here for a video of the coaster)! Then a handful of thrill rides on the top of the stratosphere (we did the spinny one), and other things scattered through the city.

Our hotel was the 4queens, an old hotel located in downtown Las Vegas (the strip and downtown aren’t the same thing), on Freemont street. Now Freemont street is its very own attraction! With a light show, multiple stages for concerts, casinos, restaurants… The whole deal.

When the sun goes down, Vegas comes alive!

Here are some pictures down below!

As you can see I ended up taking a bunch of photos and I still wasn’t able to capture the whole weekend! I guess you just have to go to vegas yourself to experience it! I can’t give away the whole city!


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