Venice! (Italy trip day 3)

Our first official day in the center of Venice!

We had woken up with the intention to eat breakfast in the city, so the first thing we sought as we arrive was coffee and pastries. We found a cute little café on the tourist path. Audrey got a chocolate filled croissant and I got a croissant filled with apricot jam. We got coffee and enjoyed the terrasse for a bit.

The nicest thing about Venice is that the best way to explore it is by getting lost! We headed down a path leading away from the main tourist path. Whenever we came to a fork in the road Audrey and I would take turns choosing which oath to take. Sometimes we’d be led to a dead end, so we’d turn back and explore another! We truly got lost in the city!!!

In Venice there are no cars… Instead of using a crosswalk to get to the other side of the street you use a footbridge to get to the other side of a canal… Boats are cars and bridges are crosswalks… Its beautiful


In the midst of getting lost we stumbled into the shop of a retired glass blower. Literally hidden in the backstreets of the beaten path. We walked in and there were hand blown lamps hanging from the ceiling and buckets of murano glass beads. It was beautiful. I plunged my hands into the buckets just to feel the glass beads against my skin. Beautiful murano glass rolling across my fingertips…

We spent a good 15 minutes in the shop, and left with a few bracelets for ourselves and for our other sister.


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