Weekend getaway: Lyon

I know i haven’t been traveling much lately, so less adventures to talk about, but last weekend my boyfriend and I got to go to Lyon! Lyon is beautiful, its got the big city feel without all the hype of being Paris. The French aren’t crazy about Paris, for them its ‘busy’, ‘crowded’ and way overrated (i have a hate love relationship with Paris), however they all seem to lovvvee Lyon!

So off to Lyon we went! On Friday night we went to what is called a café théâtre, the concept is brilliant, i love it. You go to a bar, buy your seats for 14-17€, and after having time to sit back and grab a beer, 30-50 people crowd into the basement of the bar to watch a comedy show! Unique, funny, and you pass a great time.

The show we saw? Couic!  It was about ‘how to become a serial killer’, after Dexter, Hannibal… a comedic approach! It was a laugh.

On Saturday we went to the newest museum in Lyon, the museum of confluences, inaugurated at the end of December it really was a brand new museum, with an interesting collection. The permanent collections consisted of; the orgins of man, which showed the evolution of the planet from its very creating to man evolving into what we are today. A part about species, and the map of existing species and the differentiation’s among us. Societies, the theater of different societies and communal practices. And the most interesting part was about different societies and the visions of the afterlife. From Egyptian beliefs with mummification, to other (still existing) beliefs of having someone of a tribe become an ancestor. It was really interesting to see how beliefs change throughout the world. All in all it was a very unique museum that I was happy to visit! After all when we left we realized that 4 hours had gone by without even realizing it!

Overall the weekend went well (except for the fact that catching the flu was involved), we ended up having a great time exploring and walking around. We didn’t get to do everything that we wanted to do, but it’s nice to get away from Dijon every once in awhile, and plus, Lyon isn’t that far! 2 hours by car, perfect weekend getaway!


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