When in Rome

So our first real official day in Rome! In order to make sure we could see everything on the tourist checklist we decided to take an open tour bus. In all honesty the open tour bus is one of the best ideas ever, easiest way to see a new city without wearing down your feet.

We circled around Rome, seeing the Colosseum, Massimo circle, st.peters basilica and much more.

We got off the bus and walked towards the Trevi fountain. That was the main item on Audreys tourist checklist. Trevi fountain closed for construction…. Apparently a one year construction plan, Audrey and I were both a bit disappointed but luckily in front of the Trevi they had put a little pool of water where we could still throw coins in and make our wishes!


Who would have thought that Audrey and I would ever trade in our morning gelato for fresh fruit! We traded in our chocolaty creamy goodness for fresh peaches from the market. A girl can only have so much gelato before she needs a break!

For lunch Audrey and I made our ways to the Hard Rock Café, grabed a quick bite to eat and enjoyed the music memorabilia. After lunch Audrey and I hopped back on the bus and got off near St.Peters Basilica and walked down the river and visited the markets and of course had more gelato!

Our afternoon was well spent enjoying the sun and the charm of Rome. For dinner we went to a quaint little restaurant right near our hostel. We got some wine, and Audrey and I both order a plate of Italian Gnocci’s (I had been dying to finally eat some)! For dessert Audrey got ice cream, and I ordered Tiramisu! The waiter offered us some Limoncello on the house and we can officially say we have enjoyed a legit Italian meal!


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