Learning to ‘Adult’

Somedays I forget that i’m living abroad, weird right? You think that someone who lives abroad would wake up every day and say to themselves ‘I’m not home, i’m in another country!’. Well in the beginning it’s a lot like that, but as time goes on, living abroad becomes more and more, well, normal. It’s become my life. Living in France is what I know now, school, work, friends… I’ve become so accustomed to it as though it has become the only way  of living that I know.


I no longer feel like an American living a French adventure, instead I feel like a French person just living my life (no i’m not french, and my french isn’t perfect, and there are still parts of the administrative system that confuse me, but…). I have a phone plan, internet, learned how to get insurance, open a bank account, rent an apartement, sign up for health care, sign up for housing aid, apply for a job… I’ve learnt to ‘Adult’ in a foreign country. And to be honest, i’d probably have a really hard time learning to ‘Adult’ back in the States. Living life here is what I know now, it’s my life, it’s no longer ‘a year abroad’.

It’s for that reason as well that I’m starving for another adventure, another ‘year abroad’ experience. I’m ready to see more, experience more, be put in an atmosphere where I will have to once again adapt. I don’t think i’ll ever be able to settle in one place. I’m too damn restless.



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