Why France? – The Food

Why do I live in France? The question that has been asked over a million times, by everyone. Normally I joke around and say a number of french stereotypical things, « the bread », « the wine », « french men ». But why am i really living in France? Like any place in the world there are negatives as well as positives, like the french administration system which makes me want to pull my hair out, or the constant train strikes. But the positives heavily outweigh the negatives. So here are some of my own reasons for living in France.

I’ll start with the most obvious: The Food

The French are known for their culinary expertise. You search “French Food” in google and all the images look like pieces of art you’d be too afraid to ruin by eating. In reality, the food is just amazing beyond belief. I’ve even fallen in love with some traditional French dishes that many Americans wouldn’t be able to stomach. I loveeee escargot (snails). Not just saying that to please my French friends, but I really do love it. I also love Steak Tartare (raw beef), cuisses de grenouilles (frog legs), oeufs en meurette (poached eggs in wine sauce), boeuf bourgignon (beef marinated in wine sauce), tartiflette, raclette, mont d’or… Ok my mouth is watering.

Being in France has made me open up and try new foods. I’ve always been adventurous, but when you’re in another country you get the opportunity to try so many new foods you wouldn’t have been able to taste elsewhere. Not only that, but you get to appreciate different recipes depending on the region you’re in. Northern France is different from Southern France, as the west is different from the east.

The east for example: In Dijon you’ll get boeuf bourgignon (wine region = wine beef), and escargot. In Strasbourg you’ll get sauerkraut and sausage.

Southeast alpes area: Cheese. Lots of melty, delicious cheese.

Northeast: Fries and Beer

Northwest: Crepes and Cider, caramels and butter biscuits.

Every region in France has something wonderful to put on a plate, and well who wouldn’t love that? Food is not only a way of nourishing ourselves to stay alive, but it’s also an art, and the French are excelling.

Well voilà one of the reasons I’m living in France. I’ll share more reasons why i’m in france, soon to come! In the meantime, enjoy these mouth watering photos and recipes 🙂

To start: Boeuf Bourguignon


Boeuf Bourguignon

Really all you need is Beef, cheap wine, and carrots (for the most basic of recipes) but here is a recipe for those who want to do the real thing.

The best boeuf bourguinon i’ve ever had was made using beef cheek. Tender, and delicious.


L'Escargot, Greek Street London. February 2014


Honestly one of my personal favorites. The snails taste like chicken and the best part of escargot really is the sauce. Butter sauce, perfect for dipping bread.

Steak Tartare


I hated this dish at first. Raw beef, gross. But when its well done (not the beef, but the dish) its actually quite delicious. Especially if you’ve got all the fixin’s (egg, parsely, salt, cappers…) I wouldn’t recommend trying to make your own… unless you have access to high quality ground beef.



Cheese, bacon, potatoes, cream and onions. One of the fattiest winter dishes of all time. Best after a day on the mountain, hence it coming from the alpes area of France. You may not be able to get real reblochon in the states, but other cheeses can work too. Here is a recipe. 



I just can’t get enough of cheese can I? (Is it ironic that i’m lactose intolerant?) For a raclette you need a special cheese warming machine (Yes the French often have a machine whos’ sole purpose is the warming of cheese). The melted cheese if then poured over potatoes and ham. Just amazing. Not to mention one of the most convivial meals of all time. Raclette party is a thing here.

You can find machines on Amazon 

P.s. Just to clear things up, French toast is in no way French. In France it is called ‘Lost Bread’ and most french people have never even tried it. And another thing, French Fries, yeah there from Belgium, not France!

Hope this post made you as hungry as it did me!


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