Why France? – The Wine

Now to continue from my last post “Why France”, I’m going to share another reason why I live in France (even though the food alone should be a good enough of a reason).

Again, with the obvious: The Wine

Close-up shot of cheese, grapes and wine glass on wooden board.

How do I put this… I love wine. I may be what I would call ‘wine stupid’, but I still enjoy it, a lot.

By wine stupid I mean that I have little, I mean very very little knowledge of wine. I can tell the difference between a white, a red and a rosé (thank god), but when it comes too years or wineries, or villages: it all starts to get a little bit, no, a lot fuzzy.

When I do a wine tasting my word for saying I like it is ‘yummy’, and for dislike, ‘not yummy’ or ‘tastes funky’. As you can see, I’m real descriptive. Sometimes I’ll occasionally be able to say that something tastes fruity, but that’s rare that I pick even that up.

So, this past month I’ve made a promise to myself: Get less wine stupid. I live in Burgundy for heaven’s sake! So less beer and more wine.


I’ve downloaded an app on my phone called “Vivino” that lets me keep track of the wines I taste and rate them. So I’ve started doing that!

Here’s a link to my profile if you want to check it out. My wine Profile on Vivino

Anyways, the quest for wine knowledge has started and I’m excited!


Une réflexion sur “Why France? – The Wine

  1. Kristin dit :

    I had to chuckle at your post. I remember when Jay told me how you said you had a chance to drink Le Montrachet. Only one of the finest wines on the planet. Jay has never tried it because he can’t afford it. He was so envious. Glad that you are planning to learn more about the amazing wines you have all around you.


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