Bretzels and Mulled Wine

When someone says « Christmas », you should just automatically picture Alsace. Because Alsace is Christmas. Everything about it, the smells, the weather, the people, the food, the atmosphere…

Christmas has never been religious for me, but it has always been a time of happiness and cheer. Spending time with friends and family.. laughing… and of course eating!!

This year, for the second time, I headed up to Alsace to spend a weekend in Alsace. I, and 3 other friends all got together for a weekend of fun and well, to be honest, lots of eating. I can’t even describe Alsace in words, it’s just so picturesque. Everything you’d imagine a small French village to be is found in Alsace. Colorful houses with exposed wooden beams, hot wine being sold every 50 meters, cold brisk weather and the smell of flammkuchen and choucroute in the air… It’s a great place to be.

Lets talk Food. 

What is Choucroute? Delicious. Voilà. Ok to be honest, when I arrived I hated it, really thought it was the most disgusting thing on the planet. But that’s because I hadn’t tried really good choucroute. If it’s done correctly, and isn’t too sour then it really is just amazing. Basically its an assortment of different meats and saurkraut. Very heavy, definitely a winter dish.



Flammkuchen? Now there’s a german word for ‘ya. To put it simply, thin crusted pizza with a cream based sauce, lots of onions, cheese, and other toppings you can add on.



Manelle? Ok so Im probably spelling this completely wrong but its a small gingerbread man shapped sweet bread. Usually filled with chocolate chips. Very Alasace. Very delicious.


Little Brioche people 🙂

kugelhopf? Whattttt??? Yet another very German sounding word! Basically a big bunt cake that is extra nummy because of the pralines in the center and the frosted almond bits on the top. Every baker has their own way of doing it, but the one I tasted was probably the best in the world. Even though I’ve only tasted the one I stand firm on what I’ve said.



Here are some photos to illustrate just how beautiful Alsace can be during the Holidays.




Yes, this is a real house. With actual people living inside.



Colmar xmas market


The girls 🙂



A Camel in its very un-natural habitat, and a girl who desperately wants down.



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