Too Little Time

Where does the time go? I mean really!? There aren’t enough hours in the day to be honest. How do people do it? Work all day, cook dinner, stay in shape, maintain a social life, take up hobbies… I mean do normal people not sleep at all? I feel like I’ve got no extra time on my hands whatsoever, if only there were more hours in the day!

With that said, I haven’t had the time or energy to open up my blog page and write anything… If it wasn’t for automatic login I probably wouldn’t have gotten my password right on the first try… now that’s a bad sign. So whats been up with me these past few months? LOTS!

In December I went to the xmas markets in Alsace and spent the weekend with some good friends. Drinking hot wine, and eating bretzels! I’ll try to put up a post with pictures… Alsace is  Christmas. And that’s that.

I traveled half way around the world and back at the end of December! My favorite time of the year, not just because of holiday spirit, but because it is the time of year that I get to see my family back in Portland, Oregon. Once a year I make the day long voyage to spend 2 (too short) weeks seeing family and friends, catching up and making memories. A blog post about this should come eventually as well…

But what has really been keeping me busy lately is my new job! Assistant International Market Manager (now that’s a mouthful), for a big French company. I spend my days doing a variety of tasks, taking on responsibilities, planning product launches, talking with product managers… Enough things to fill up about 40 hours of my week. Plus the 2 hours spent in the car everyday… my free time is limited. However, its all for a good cause! I’m loving what I do, and I’m learning tons! Because its an apprenticeship, I am also in Grad School at the same time. Classes start back up on Monday, and I already wondering how i’ll manage a full time job plus grad school… Time to buckle down!

Life in France is still life in France… its become so much less of an experience abroad and now its just life. I’m yearning for another adventure somewhere, and yet i’m afraid of leaving home. How weird is that? The idea of a semester abroad excites me yet makes me also really nervous… I’ve been living in a foreign country for almost 5 years, it should be a piece of cake, right? Because i’ve been here for so long I don’t really experience culture shock anymore, and I think that is what frightens me the most, because I know wherever i’ll end up in September it will be completely different from the US and from France… A whole other adventure, a new page in the book. I’ll know by the end of February where i’ll be living for 4-5 months, but my top choices are somewhere in Eastern Europe (Hungary, Croatia, Greece…) I’m really going to go out of my element this time.




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