Aux Merveilleux de Fred

Have I mentioned that my favorite past time is eating? Well just in case, now you know! I especially love eating anything sweet, beautiful and so French.

This weekend I spent some much needed time in Paris with my favorite Fanny, and well we made one of the best pit stops in pit stop history, at Aux Merveilleux de FredA gorgeous boulangerie/pattisserie hidden in the marais. The specialty, merveilleux of course! A sweet, delicious piece of edible art.

The merveilleux originally comes from Belgium, and now its making its way to Paris and other areas. Think of a meringue sandwich, with whipped cream filling and then rolled in chocolate pieces. If your mouth isn’t watering yet, wait until you see the pictures.



What is really fun about Aux Merveilleux de Fred is that the entire store is a big window, so even if you’re just strolling down the street you get a sneak peak on how this lovely piece of food-porn is made.


  1. Prepare delicious meringue


2. Slather on a thick, healthy, layer of whipped cream


3. Roll in chocolate





If you ever get a chance, when in Paris don’t hesitate to go and eat one, or two.


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