I’ve got one of those ‘scratch-it’ maps hanging on my living room wall. Every time I look at it all I can think about is scratching off another country. Western Europe has gotten pretty colorful, and next fall northeastern Europe will get its’ chance to be scratched, starting with Estonia!


From August to January, I’ll be studying in Estonia as a part of the Erasmus program. Tallinn will become my temporary home, and stomping grounds. I’ll of course use the opportunity to travel around, and visit the surrounding countries, Finland, Sweden, the Baltics… and even Russia!

I’ve started reading up on Tallinn, and its all very exciting and surreal. Also a bit frightening… yeah yeah I’ve done that whole ‘go abroad’ thing before, and well now look I’ve been living in a foreign country for almost 5 years, so why should the idea of going abroad again make me nervous? Well France has become my home, I don’t feel like I’m ‘abroad’ anymore. So all those feelings you get before you move somewhere foreign, before you start another big adventure, are all surfacing and making me excited and nervous at the same time.

So American goes to France will now become American goes to France then Estonia. T- 3.5 months. Stay tuned for my Estonian adventures (I should have lots to write about) J


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