Sweet tooth satisfaction

Anyone who has even briefly looked at any of my blog posts has probably realized that I like to eat. And I love pastries (my excuse is that I live in France). However no one can eat as many pastries as they want and still fit into their jeans (and those who do, I hate you). So there has got to be some compromise somewhere. But who says compromise has to be a negative notion? I’ve certainly found a recipe to satisfy my sweet tooth, and not put my waistline in jeopardy.

For all those people who can’t say no to cookies, and sweets, I’m pretty sure you’ll be thanking me for this one…

There are tons of different recipes on the internet, and here is my version

Oatmeal Banana 3-ingredient cookies

What you’ll need: Oatmeal, Banana and Raisins

1. Mash a ripe banana in a bowl


2. Add 1 cup of oats


3. Add a handful of raisins (or nuts, or chocolate chips)


4. Mix until uniform

5. Place on a non-greased cooking sheet

6. Bake for 10 minutes or until golden

Enjoy 🙂


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