The first time I heard the word ‘Evian’ was over a decade ago in the ‘Parent Trap’ movie, when Lohan gets her evil step-mother to be with a little lizard on her Evian bottle. Before about 2 years ago I didn’t realize that Evian is actually a place, and not just the logo on a water bottle.



Anyways enough talk about Lohan… Evian a small, quaint village on the edge of an enormous lake, it’s picturesque. Seeing that I was there for work, I didn’t get the chance to really  play tourist as I usually do, but I still got to see parts of the city (village?) that enchanted me enough to want and go back.

You’ve got a beautiful body of water framed by mountains so tall you feel hidden from the rest of the world. If I wasn’t working I would spent my afternoons dirtying up my hiking boots and my evenings drinking Mojitos by the lake. I guess that just means i’ll have to go back.


website pict of Evian les bains 1(2).jpg





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