Fitness programs, why?

Once I decided that I wanted to take better care of myself I did what anybody would do and I turned to Google. I searched fitness programs and diets and all of that stuff. Seeing all the before and after pictures of other girls who had completed the programs both motivated me and depressed me. On one side I would say to myself « Ooooh I could look like that » and then on the other hand I’d have that little voice telling me it would be impossible. But as they say « Nothing worth having comes easy »

I got the Kayla Itsines guide and the TBC by Sonia Tlev, and decided very quickly that I was not ready to dive into either one of the guides at 100%, but rather I’d ease my way into them.


Student + a full time job doesn’t leave much room for other activities (such as 6 days out of 7 of working out), not to mention part of keeping a healthy mind is making time for an active social life.

f3f23fbc0ca7b8d868be1e6b3a74b57e.jpgI started the Kayla Itsines guide for the first time about a year and a half ago, only doing the 3 times a week fitness workouts. I would get to week 4 or 5 then get sick, or it’d be a week of mid-terms, and well it went from « I’ll just take the week off » to starting back on week 1… 3 weeks later… This cycle went on for about a year, and during that year I also tried out the TBC, and got all the way to week 6 once, but I never made it all the way to week 12 in either of the programs. Not to mention I hadn’t been following any of the proposed diets or doing any LISS/HIIT exercises. My goal was to never to lose weight, but rather use fitness as a way to feel better about myself. There’s something about not being able to correctly walk up a flight of stairs that makes you feel accomplished (or rather 4 flights).

This last winter I decided I would start adding more variety to my workouts, I’d mix and match exercises from the two guides and find HIIT videos on youtube (one of my favorites). Also, I started running to get in better cardio workouts. For the past few months I’ve been focusing more on running, and fitting in fitness workouts when I can. Finding my motivation was a difficult, but now that I have found it I don’t want to lose it. Of course there are days when I say screw it I don’t have the energy, but I make sure to make time later in the week to get out there and do something.


As far as the diet portion of the guides go, I’m not even sure if I’m going to ever do that… The guided motivated me to change my eating habits: less sugar, less bread, less industrial processed food, more veggies, more fruits and more proteins. Yet I can never see myself following a a strict guide, especially seeing as I’m one of those people who like to do the opposite of what they are told.

For me, following guides or doing fitness exercises, running… hasn’t losing weight (not that I’m against the idea!) but doing physical activity and eating better makes me feel like I’m taking care of myself. Which helps maintain a healthy mind.

I guess what I’m trying to say with all of this is that everyone should go at their own pace. No one should feel pressured to dive into any fitness program at 100%. Take things slowly if you need to, one step at a time. When you easy into it at your own pace it’s more likely to become routine, because it doesn’t matter if you go slowly as long as you don’t stop.




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