Next step forward

I’m sitting in the CDG airport wondering to myself what the hell I’m doing. Well I know what I’m literally doing, sitting and waiting to board a flight to Estonia. But in my mind I haven’t yet grasped on to the idea of actually leaving. 8 months ago when I got the news that I was chosen to go to Estonia, it all seemed so far away, like a distant event that would happen in the future. I didn’t actually picture myself going.

Even a few months ago when I reserved my room in a shared flat, and payed my deposit it didn’t feel real. Even getting my visa this summer didn’t make it seem like it was going to happen. But now that I’m sitting in the airport I’m actually starting to realize that I’m leaving.

I’m filled with excitement and anxiety at the same time. The idea of a new adventure, a new part of Europe to explore and brand new sites to see. Yet I feel hints of anxiety because I’m leaving behind so much familiarity. I’ve gotten so accustomed to living in Dijon and finally being able to speak with others fluently, and now I’m jumping out of my comfort zone once again. But if moving from the states to France has taught me anything, sometimes jumping out of your comfort zone, and leaving all you know behind, you have make some great memories and live some of the most memorable moments of your life.

Looking forward to being the American from France in Estonia.


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