Orientation Day

Orientation day – My last first day of school, never thought I’d see the day but its come and gone already. Only 1 semester to go and I will have finished my grad school studies… It(s pretty crazy when I think about it. But hey, my last first day was far from boring!

Aside from the usual blah blah you get on your first day of school we learned about future trips to nearby cities and countries, some Estonian culture, and best of all how to sell a fried egg to a stranger – but i’ll get to that a bit later.

To help us all with our integration, we were each assigned a ‘buddy’, and each buddy had 5-6 students to look after. So we spent time talking and getting to know one another during an introductory breakfast and later in the evening we all gathered in the town square. To reinforce our buddy group bond, we were given a few different challenges, involving an egg. The first task , find a restaurant in town to fry your egg for you, and then after the group that sells it for the highest price wins. Being business students and all we rocked this challenege and sold a fried egg to a tourist for € 27,80… we should get an automatic pass on our semester for that alone.

The next challenge, play Estonias national sport of course, and what is that you might wonder? Well its called wife carrying, and its all in the name.

Afterwards we settled down in a rooftop bar overlooking the city and the harbor. I just have to say that the Tallinn skyline is like noneother, with the mix of old church towers and skyscrapers. From the harbor you really get an excellent view on the city.

Then after that we climbed onto the roof of an old USSR concert hall and enjoyed another view of the harbor. Following that we spent the rest of the night dancing and having a good time in a new city. – So far, I’m loving it here


EBS Erasmus group

PS – heres a fun fact, did you know that Estonia has the most international supermodels per capita in the world? (I’m pretty sure half of my guy friends were just convinced that they need to come to Estonia)


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