The place to pancake

Since I’ve gotten to Tallinn I’ve tested 2 restaurants and I don’t know how many bars. That being said… Seeing as the first restaurant doesn’t really count on account of it being McDonalds, I will tell you that if you’re ever in Tallinn you MUST try the Kompressor. It is THE place to eat pancakes. Growing up in the states I thought that was as good as pancakes got. Then I went to France and discovered a whole new world of pancakes, ze crêpe, but now, in Tallinn, I have found THE best pancake place, the Kompressor. capture

A mixed menu of sweet and savory pancakes for whatever your heart desires. Chicken and Feta or Strawberries and Cream? Don’t think you can get both though, these things are copious and if you’re anything like me you’ll get halfway through one and need a to-go box.

Thick american style pancakes with savory and sweet fillings – I’ll definately be trying the entire menu.



Also did I mention that they have amazing appetizers? So far i’ve tried the fried cheese balls, and I was 100% satisfied.


Appetizer + Pancake + Drink = 7€


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