Nike + We Run Tallinn

I’m not generally the type of girl to sign up for a race, but this year I said « why not »?

I started running a few months back. In the beginning I’d give myself a pat on the back if I could get through 2 km, and finally after about 2 or 3 months I was pushing myself to do 10 km. As a non-sportive  person, this made me pretty happy 🙂

Every year Tallinn has a weekend dedicated to running, the SEB Tallinn Marathon. 3 days of running, whether you’re a beginner and want to do 5km or 10km, or more advanced and decide to take on the semi or full marathon. With my school I took place in the 5km, not only to show school spirit but to do my first race! From here I can only get better, so next time it’ll be the 10k! Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get the calves that will let me do a semi!

Heres a few pictures of our fun!




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