Riga – Latvia

This month has been crazy! So far all of my weekends have been filled and I’ve been enjoying every second of it. Now that I’ve finally gotten some down time I can share this month’s adventures! From Riga, to an Estonian tour, and a weekend in Stockholm!
If you’d ask an American to point out Riga on a map, they would probably have a dumbfounded look on their face and have no idea where to begin looking. That was, of course, me until up to a few weeks ago.

riga.JPGRiga is the capital of Latvia, and the biggest city of the three Baltic countries. Only a four hour bus ride from Tallinn makes it the perfect weekend getaway. I have to admit that I didn’t pick up on much of the history of the city due to the fact that there were over 80 people in our tour group and it was nearly impossible to hear the guide over the pouring rain and the all the others talking. That bring said, you can check what Wikipedia has to say about the city.

Overall the transportation to and from Riga was no more than 20€, and it is easy to find accomadation for about 10€ a night. A nice budget destination.

Here are some of the places we ate at that I’d recommend to anyone who happens to go to Riga:
Black Magic Cafe: A medieval themed cafe with comfortable couches and delicious hot chocolate. The perfect rainy day hiding place.



Coco Loco: A Jamaican style bar/cafe with good prices and comfortable seating. Not to mention they serve tacos, which automatically earns a ++ in my book.



Miit: One of the best brunches I have eaten in my life (and I’ve brunched around). All is vegetarian and some is even vegan. The food is great, the setting is calm and the price is cheap (7€). I 100% recommend.



Pelmeni XL: Want a quick and cheap place to eat without having to go to McDo? This place is a cafeteria style place to eat with different kinds of dumplings and salads.



Overall the city was quite nice and there beautiful buildings and great places to eat. However, due to the really crappy weather I don’t feel like I got the most out of my visit. I’d like to go back when the sun is out and when wearing 5 different sweaters isn’t necessary.

I do have to say that I also didn’t get the opportunity to do much in the way of museums, I opted for walking around and seeing some less touristy parts of town. (Which also led to being corned by a few people trying to convert me to some religion, or maybe join a cult… my Latvian isn’t all that great)


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