V for Vegan

I am not Vegan, nor Vegetarian, the idea of cutting meat or animal products out of my diet has never appealed to me. However one restaurant showed me that eating Vegan can actually be pretty delicious. Which brings me to say that V, the Vegan restaurant of Tallinn, has some pretty creative and delicious menu items.

First of all, the restaurant itself is small and cozy. A ‘living room’ atmosphere, with comfortable tables, and soft decor. The staff speak English flawlessly, and are extremely kind. The food was great, but the atmosphere really brought the whole dining experience together to make for one extremely pleasant evening.

So now, the food!

For a starter, we ordered the « Selection of spreads with garlic ciabatta (muhammara, smoky beetroot hummus, cashew carrot paste) ». It was an absolute delight. Perfect amount to be shared amongst two people, and perfect variety of flavors to really feel like you are trying something new.


For the maincourse I took the classic option, a burger, with a not so classic twist, « Chickpea beetroot burger with baked vegetables ».  To be honest, I didn’t even miss the steak. It was filling, flavorful, and just downright delicious. Not to mention, probably a lot better for my health than a hamburger drenched in cheddar.


Now, for my favorite part of any meal, dessert. They have a variety of cakes and other sweet treats that are baked fresh in their restaurant, which also means every time you go you’ll get the chance to try something new. When we went, my sweet treat of choice was, « Chocolate cake with a rose flavored mousse and whipped coconut cream ».  Just thinking about it again is making my mouth water!


All in all, you don’t need meat, or even cheese to have a fully rounded meal that leaves you feeling satisfied. I may not have the energy or time to become a Vegan myself, but I sure do appreciate the creativity and delicousness a vegan meal has to offer.

If you’re even in Tallinn, I ( and Trip Advisor) highly recommend trying V for yourself!


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