From Budapest, with Love

« My house in Budapest, my hidden treasure chest »

Rachel and I arrived in Budapest at about 9am after a whole night of travelling and trying to catch a few moments of sleep between crying babies and snoring men. Nonetheless, the excitement of finally arriving in a city that has been on my travel bucket list for awhile now, made me bright eyed and full of energy and excitement. Budapest, voilà!
We ventured across the city to find our hostel. A small establishment owned by a young family on the Margit island. (I do not recommend it. I’ll leave it at that much). After which we hoped on the first bus we came across and luckily enough it brought us right to the front steps of the magnificent parliament building.
There are moments when you look at something so magnificent that you can’t even find the words to describe it, and it gives you goosebumps to be standing in front of it. Standing in front of the Parliment was one of these moments for me. Goosebumps ran up and down my entire body, and I was filled with a kind of happiness I hadn’t felt in a long time. Pure joy, if I had to give it a word it’d probably be – Travelgasm.
The photo above is not my own, I wasn’t able to capture the Parliment from this view during daylight.
After awing over the unexplicable glory that is the Budapest Parliment building, we ventured further along the river to stumble upon the Christmas markets of Budapest. I thought the Germans were the masters of xmas markets, now I’d have to admit that the Hungarians are showing some tough competition.
The rest of our day consisted of aimlessly wandering about, which has become my new favorite way of discovering a city, rather than planning out every second and every site to be seen. Sometimes the best things are stumbled upon, rather than searched for, you just have to remember to keep your eyes open.
More on Budapest another time 🙂

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