Relax, Venture, and Eat in Budapest

Another day in Budapest

On our second day in Budapest we decided to go against all internal instincts and wake up early, for good reason though. Our morning consisted of bathing at Gellert Hall, in the warm 38°C waters and lounging in the steam room. Avoiding temptation to hit snooze on my alarm clock that morning was well rewarded.


Within the Gellert baths you have the main swimming pool, and then a variety of warm baths set at different temperatures ranging from 32°C to 38°C. Additionally, you have saunas, steam rooms and napping chairs to make the experience that much more relaxing.


The only downside to the baths however is that they are full of tourists and old men. Of course the tourists go for the experience, and I’m guessing the older men walking around in their speedos are there to watch the tourists. Either way, you won’t see many local young people at the baths. Despite that, I still recommend trying them at least once, definately a relaxing way to start the day!!

Tip: Get in before 10 unless you enjoy long lines and crowds!


That evening, after eating, to escape our stinky hostel, we decided to take a spontaneous venture to the Buda side of the city. Buda offers many beautiful things to see, the Fisherman’s Bastion, Gellert Hill,  a castle, and my personal favorite, an all around amazing view of the Parliment building.


On our spontanous evening walk, we’d see a street and say ‘hey lets go up that way’. Fortunatly for us we ended up at the top of the Fishermans Bastion. To our surprise, we were the only ones up there, with the view all to ourselves. To make the moment that much more beautiful, and unfortunately for us two, more romantic, a man stood below us on the staircase playing the violin. The sound of his violin filled the air as we enjoyed looking upon the lit up city below us.



Need a good place to eat in Budapest? You must try out Koleves in Pest. All ingrediends are local and they make everything fresh, and I mean fresh. They don’t reheat anything, or save it for the next day, it’s delicious.

My roommate enjoyed a nice Cream of Potato soup as an appetizer, and for her main a percect ‘Vegetable Gratin’. Of course I tried hers, thats why going to a restaurant with other people is so great, you can always try that dish you almost ordered. I have to say the Vegetable Gratin was good competition for my ‘Spinach and Fetta Rolls with Harissa yogurt’. The meal was great, not too abundant but just enough.

The real cherry on top though was dessert, we both took a ‘Dark Hot Chocolate’. Never in my life have I ever, ever, had hot chocolate as godly as this one. Long story short (because I could blab on about the amazing-ness of it), order the dark hot chocolate, you definately will not regret it. 🙂


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