Like a local – Budapest

During my months in Estonia I had the opportunity to meet so many people from all over the world. This also means knowing locals when I travel! Luckily for us, we had met a Hungarian during our erasmus stay, and he was more than happy to show us around Budapest, our own local! 


Marci picked us up bright and early and drove us a small village about 20 minutes north of Budapest called Szentendre (I think). We wandered around and admired the shops, narrow streets and misty lake before driving back toward Budapest. Marci took us to Gellert hill, to give us panoramic view of the entire city. Meanwhile sharing fun facts with us.


Here’s one about how Gellert Hill got its name: Gellert hill got its’ name from the legend of Saint Gerard, who was a Christian priest that was killed in 1046. How? Well apparently in this year the Pagans of Buda had an uprising and put the priest in a barrell full of nails and tossed him down the hill. Not a great day for St Gerard, nor the Pagans I may add.

On a happier note –

We ended up getting the panoramic view, and a Marci fun fact about the statue at the top of the hill. Called the Liberty statue, it was erected in 1947 to symbolize the liberation of Hungary from the Nazis by the Soviet Union. Seeing as being a part of the USSR brought on other issues for Hungary, making the word ‘liberation’ seem a little unfitting, it was supposedly taken down the day that Hungary was freed of Soviet occupation and then again erected a day later… One statue, double liberation.


After climbing up and down the hill, and hearing some fun facts about the Hungarian vs. USSR water polo team in the 1956 Melbourne Olypics (Blood in the Water match), we headed towards the Market Hall for some food. We were introduced to some hungarian food that involved a hollow bread cone filled with tiny sausages, fried onions, and sauerkraut. All are good, so why not put them together right?


After filling our stomachs what better thing to do other than fill them some more? Mission – Get the best Langos in the city, and luckily Marci took us to just the right place (this is the moment I feel stupid because I can’t remember for the life of me the name of the street cart where we went). Just know if you’re in Hungary, eat Langos, its deep fried yeast bread with a layer of garlic sour-cream and shredded cheese… it’s fried and cheesy, so you can’t go wrong there.


Thank you Marci for taking the time to show us around and share your city with us! Definately learned some new things about Budapest!


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