Canals, Bikes, and Gouda

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Finally, Another Adventure!!!

Sometimes I don’t have much to write about on my travel blog, because well I (sadly) don’t always have time to travel! But I finally got my butt out of Dijon and went exploring! And where to? Wait for it…. Amsterdam! That’s right, 48 hours in the beautiful and amazing Amsterdam.

First of all, getting to Amsterdam from Dijon isn’t all that hard, or expensive, if you plan in advance. I had already planned on going up to Lille for the weekend, so the train tickets were bought, but from Lille to Amsterdam, only 2-3 hours by car!

Blabla car is a carpool service that you can use for free online. People post their journeys, and then you can reserve a seat in the carpool. From Lille to Amsterdam, round trip for two people is only about 80€.

Blablacar website

If carpool isn’t your thing, there’s a bus called IDbus that takes you to Amsterdam for only 25€ a trip (one person, one way).

Once you get to the city through, be prepared for the most co fusing public transport you’ve ever encountered, best stick to renting a bike!

Staying there is a little more difficult… If you don’t plan way in advance, hotels fill up quickly, so I booked a room with airbnb. A site where people rent their extra rooms!

Airbnb website

Another great travel tool for Europe 🙂

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