Just because life is crazy, and busy, that doesn’t mean I don’t find time to sit down and have a good brunch.

Brunching has become extemly trendy in France over the past few years, it seems like every year a new ‘brunch’ spot pops up getting people lining up on Sunday mornings. And being an American, I never say no to a brunch opportunity

Here are my favorite brunch spots in Dijon that are definitely worth testing if you have the opportunity.

Dents de Loup

This is by far my favorite brunch address in Dijon. Nothing even comes close to the greatness of this brunch. First of all the ambiance of this particular resaurant is nothing short of cozy and welcoming. The soft throws, fluffy pillows and modern furniture gives it a homey feel, making you want to stay for hours and hours (which means revisiting the buffet multiple times).


You have the perfect mix of savory and sweet, and no limits to how many times you can fill your plate.



Not only is it delicous, with an appetizing spread. But it’s not too expensive either: 22€ per person.

Little Italy

This is also a fantastic brunch spot in Dijon. The Little Italy is, like its name suggests, and Italian restaurant. And every Sunday it too becomes an inviting Brunch spot. Different choices of salads, roasted veggies, lasagnes, pizzas, tiramisus… An elastic waistband is a must if planning to eat here.

The restaurant itself is more somber, with a more industrial feel, yet surprisingly cozy.


And the Brunch spread is also ‘all you can eat’. So don’t hestitate to try a bit of everything.


The price is a bit higher here than other places: 26€ per person.

Chez moi ou toi

These two places are so far my favorite brunch places in Dijon. Apparently a few more places have popped up during my extened abscence, so I’m excited to check them out and report back!

But hey, Brunch doesn’t have to be in a restaurant to be good! Home-made brunches are usually just as good (or sometimes better), they just involve a little more work!


I’ll share some of my favorite brunch recipes in another post, to help inspire a comfy sunday morning without breaking the bank.


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