Coconut oil in all its’ glory

Coconut oil. The name doesn’t sound all too glorious, but here are some reasons I’ve found to go nuts for coconuts! 



In the Kitchen

Coconut oil is great for cooking. You can use it to replace other oils just about anywhere. When baking, instead of adding butter, I add melted coconut oil. When frying, I use coconut oil (flavor permitting). Granted the solidfying temperature is lower than olive oil, I haven’t been able to yet find a way to make salad dressings with it, but I use it just about everywhere else. Making eggs, cooking chicken, baking…

Ok, so why replace your daily oils with Coconut oil? Well there are some great health benefits! For one, it helps with converting bad cholesterols into good ones and promoting healthy heart functions. Coconut-oil-on-table

For those who have ever had issues with UTI’s or Kidney infections like myself, start turning to Coconut oil when you can. The natural antibacterial properties help prevent bacteria from gathering, and thus preventing a trip to the ER!

Other health benefits: reduction of inflammation, soothing arthritis, boosting your immunie system, getting rid of candida, helping with digestion…  need I say more?



This is where I first started using coconut oil. A friend told me that she was using a Tblsp 2-3 times a week (for 15 minutes) as mouth wash… Curious, I tried the same. The texture was beyond weird at first, but eventually you get used to it and start to see the benefits. First of all it helps whiten your teeth, not by much, but I did see a small difference after using for only a few weeks. Also, it kills bacteria in your mouth, preventing those bad breath germs. Finally, it mosturizes your lips! Perfect for chapped lip season!

One night, when I realized I had ran out of face mosturizer, I went for my coconut oil as a a replacement. I haven’t bought night cream since. Before bed, I lightly appaaly it all over my face, especially under the eyes and on my eyelashes. Because it is an oil, it mosturizes amazingly. Yet, seeing as it has lots of antibacterial properties, it doesn’t make you break-out. It actually helps get rid of bacteria that causes break-outs and blackheads. Note: I don’t use it in the morning because it makes my face look shiny, I stick to using it only at night. I also occasionally use it as a full body mosturizer when my skin
is feeling particularly dry (winter time).

Another use, a hair mask! Adding a bit to the tips of your hair before bed and rinsing it out in the morning can help prevent those pesky split ends that everyone dreads!

Don’t forget, that you can also use it as make-up remover, body scrub (mix with sea salt or sugar), cutiscle softner… the possibilites are endless! I found a blog page on the internet that goes over 50 different beauty tips with CC oil if you want to check it out click here.

I’ve been able to downsize the number of products I have in my bathroom cupboard thanks to Coconut oil, I hope you can to !



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